Sophia Kornienko is a Russian radio journalist living in

Amsterdam. She has been The Netherlands

correspondent for Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty's

Russian Service (Радио Свобода) since 2005 and also

contributed to Dutch press, radio and tv

(including NRC Handelsblad, Een Vandaag and NOS)

















On 30 Juli 2014 I was a guest in the talk-show

Hollandse Zaken (Omroep MAX, Ned2)

on sanctions against Russia. Click to watch




26 April 2014, Ripping Along the Seam. Interview

with Dutch General Frank van Kappen on

Putin's Hybrid War is the second best read article

in the history of the Russian Radio Free Europe/

Radio Liberty website.


Ода Амстердаму в

журнале GEO. Как живется

в самом свободном городе на Земле?

Читать здесь.


On 5 February 2014 in Studio MAX Live (Ned1)

I sid that the Dutch Prime Minister should not go to

the controversial Olympics in Sochi. Click to watch